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Traditional "Bush Hogging" is no longer an effective method for underbrush removal. Forestry mulching is the newest, most eco/cost friendly, and most efficient process for underbrush removal.  By processing trees and other vegetation where they stand, mulching machines eliminate many of the steps involved in land clearing, including haul off services. The price of land clearing significantly decreases without needing haul off.

Mulchers are capable of clearing land of unwanted trees and brush with very limited disturbance to soils or desirable vegetation.

Traditional land clearing methods often present an increased risk of erosion by pushing over trees, uprooting the stump and roots, and substantially disturbing soils. In contrast, mulching the vegetation leaves the soil structure intact. The mulched material can be left on the ground and will act as an erosion barrier while returning nutrients back into the soil through decomposition

Visit our Before & After's page to see more of our forestry mulching photos.

Benefits to Mulching:


  • Fast & efficient

  • Typically, no permit is needed

  • Helps with wildfire prevention

  • Soil & root structure is undisturbed

  • No haul off necessary

  • Slows vegetative regrowth

  • Controls erosion

  • Fewer Machines on property means less damage and compaction to top soil

  • Increases property value / increases property marketability

  • Does not damage the desired trees

  • Mulch helps retain water and builds up top soil

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